Z Green Wall System

Z Green Wall System Includes

  • Stainless steel / aluminium construction frame
  • Panels for herb planting and growth made of plastic, agro rock wool and aluminium
  • Substrate
  • Pre grown plants in panels to ensure herb durability, health and beauty
  • Programmed system of irrigation with Ph, temperature and other sensors
  • Programmed light for herb growth
  • Waterproof insulation and irrigation container

Prerequisites for Z Green Wall installation and maintaining

  • Electricity on positions shown on the technical drawing
  • Monthly maintaining with water change and adding┬ánutrition elements


  • Whole system is guarantied 6 months after installation. This guarantee covers herb growth, appearance, technical characteristics and quality
  • Warranty will be extended for the whole period of maintenance payment

Z Green Wall Design

  • Z Green Wall design is adaptable to colors used in interior design, corporate colors and other visual solutions on investor request
  • Z Green Wall plant selection will be agreed with investor based on Z Green Wall shape suggestion

Prices of Z Green Wall and maintenance

Maintenance of Z Green Wall includes:

  • Check visits minimum twice a month for herb growth inspection and overall conditions of a Z Green Wall system
  • Transport and replacement of soft water and nutritive elements once a month
  • Replacement of herbs in case of their extinguishing
  • Checking of measurements seen on sensors and reaction if they are inadequate
  • Maintenance of lighting system

Prices are given upon request