About Us

Who We Are

  • OmniArch Ltd. is a company dedicated to innovation in architectural practice, landscape and urban design.
  • OmniArch Ltd. was founded in 2010.
  • OmniArch is a team of highly qualified experts in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, ecology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, interior design, 3D visualization and law.

Irena Diklić, M.Sc. in Architecture, Owner


Jelena Gardašević, M.Sc. in Architecture

Marija Đurić, M.Sc. in Interior Design

Vesna Frkanec, M.Sc. in Landscape Architecture


Nebojša Žakula, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering


Đorđe Popović, M.Sc. in Civil Engineering

Bojana Pokrajac, M.Sc. in Civil Engineering

Predrag Stanković, M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

Anđelka Popović, M.Sc. in Ecology


Petar Milićević, Lawyer


Milan Lopičić, Accountant


  • OmniArch developes its own unique futuristic concept through constant investigation of connection of nature and technology.
  • OA design gives people the possibility to create the new way of closeness with nature.
  • The relation with nature is integral part of all our projects, as interior design, building construction, furniture design as well as decoration elements.
  • The mission of OmniArch is to erase the boundaries between virtual and real world in order to create a new architectural organisms, intelligent and sustainable.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information:

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